New Version of (Urdu Text Editor) Urdu Nigar called Rray version is here !

See this video for solution (Run App as Administrator) if Urdu Nigar Crash on Windows 10 when exiting

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Documentation on Feature Set of Urdu Nigar Rray

Following is older version of Urdu Nigar called Unicode

Urdu Nigar Unicode [Free Urdu Text Editor / Word Processor] has following features.

- Implementation of Unicode technology
- Support of both Urdu and English in same text area (simultaneously)
- Multiline text support
- Support of Phonetic Keyboard
- Auto Alignment based on language selected. (Right to Left direction and Left to Right direction)
- Export as image (output in GIF format)
- Spell Check (in Urdu) {checks if an Urdu word is part of dictionary / lexicon or not}
- Urdu text can be copied from Urdu Nigar Unicode and pasted to any unicode complaint software, you can even send emails by pasting the text to email service provider like , and

* Urdu Nigar can also be used to type / edit text in Arabic and Farsi (Persian)

Click here to download latest version of UrduNigar Rray version which is newer than Urdu Nigar Unicode (i.e.

Click here to visit download page for Urdu Nigar Unicode version (   { Mirror / Site 1 }

Help regarding Urdu Nigar Rray version

Click here to download Urdu Nigar Unicode/Rray version (   { Mirror / Site 2 }

Note: Urdu Nigar is also written as Urdu Nigaar. 

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