Experiments and sample flash (swf) files developed by Naseem Amjad.

Flash MX sample that shows dynamic masking using Action Script.

Click and drag to draw. Press M for Masking.Use Cursor Keys for movement. Press C to clear Mask. Press U for Undo.

Slide Show that uses XML and dynamically loads JPG & MP3. You can enter the slide number (click on space between "Slide" and "of" between the two buttons) through keyboard to move towards a particular slide number.
Advance form of slide show that automatically navigates between the slides. Uses XML and dynamically loaded JPG files. Automatically waits till the dynamically loaded MP3 file is played uptill end even if the user defined delay is very low. Uses Advance techniques of Flash MX.
Another experiment in Flash MX, Enter text in "Decal Text". Effect of change of the Font and Color can be seen.

A tabbed menu developed in Flash MX. Uses XML to define the menu.

Word 'demo' is appended intentionaly to the URL in menu.

An example of how to save data on the computer of visitor using Flash. You may need to refresh the web page at different stages to check this sample.
You may need to press the Delete button first if only 'Hi' is displayed
You can send email using Flash that uses visitor's default email client software. No need to use ASP or PHP or Java at server side.
Happy Birthday card, Did this a long time ago, perhaps in Flash 4.
This is a proof of concept that Urdu/Arabic textbox in flash can be developed. Uses ALKATIB1 font as embeded glyphs. Press 1 (alif),3 (ray),6 (seen),7 (saad) to type Urdu/Arabic Characters.
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