To: all colleagues at NetSol

Recently concluded SAF Games 2004 in Islamabad, by the grace of Almighty, have been a big success for NetSol. Our software solutions specially developed for these games, (i.e. GMS - Games Management System and RMS - Results Management System) were at centre-piece for the entire duration of these games. Our software played a pivotal role in running these games smoothly and effectively. Our customer i.e SAF Games Secretariat is also very pleased with our performance.

Just to give you some idea about the magnitude of SAF Games and the role of our software. There were 15 major sports (athletics, boxing, weightlifting, swimming, football, etc) and over 200 competitions being held at multiple venues spreading across 3 cities. There were over 120 workstation spread across all the venues connected over LAN and WAN. 110 volunteers were trained by our team to operate the software at all the venues. The results of all the competitions were compiled by our application RMS and then passed over to SAFG official web site as well to the media centre. The complete logistics (accreditation, accommodation, transportation, etc.) of over 6000 athletes and delegates were effectively managed by our application GMS.

It was undoubtedly a superb team effort and the entire team worked extremely hard with absolute commitment to bring good name not only to NetSol but also to Pakistan. Please join me in congratulating the entire implementation team on this superb effort and achievement. Our implementation team comprised of

Lahore Office: Mohd Asghar, Naseem Amjad, Kashif Saeed, Mohd Abubakar, Imran Afaqy, Mohd Jawwad, Danish Lodhi, Abul Munem, Mohd Ahsan, Abul Rafay
Islamabad Office: Fakhar Salahuddin, Rizwan Saqib, Abdul Jabbar, Malik Akhtar
EGS office in Islamabad: Hamid Sarfraz, Farooq Kundi

The accomplishment of this milestone was a team effort however I would like to single out Naseem Amjad for his outstanding role and contribution in the development of software as well as during the implementation phase. Naseem has been involved in this project as a developer and team lead right from the day one in early 2001.

Special thanks to Mohd Asghar for coordinating the implementation efforts at ISB. Thanks also to Zahid Mirza for his role in effectively liaising with SAFG secretariat and also taking good care of our team in Islamabad. Due to Zahid's efforts, we got an excellent mileage and publicity for being the lead Sponsors, our logo was visible at all the venues along with other major sponsors like Nestle, PIA, ICI, etc. Thanks also to Wasim Saleh and Shahzad Asghar for their proactive contributions in their respective areas. I would also like to acknowledge the role of SQA, Technical writing, QE, BD, graphics, & systems support in making this initiative a success.

Last but not the least, I would also like to thank all my colleagues who had been associated with this project during the past 3 years notably Falik Sher, Rehman Zafar, Kibria Khali, Naveed Akbar, etc. Thanks also to Emaad Burki, Abid Abrar Hussain, Mohd Asjad and Akmal Javed for sparing some of their team members for the implementation actvities.

Let's all cherish this success and work towards creating more instances like this one!

Thanks and all the best !!!


(P.S. Zahid sb, please forward this email to Abid Abrar and our team at ISB.)