NOTE: New Version of URDUBAR can be found here

Following information is of OLD/LEGACY UrduBar

(( Screen Shot of UrduBar Plugin / ToolBar for web browsers (FireFox & IE) ))

Click here to download OLD Version of UrduBar plugin for FireFox
Another link to download plugin for FireFox

Click here to download plugin for Internet Explorer

Urdu Bar is available for following web browsers

FireFox or above (click here for installation instructions for FireFox) use and spread firefox
( click here for more information on FireFox )
Internet Explorer 5.5 or above (click here for installation instructions for Internet Explorer)

Note that FireFox works on multiple Operation Systems , like Windows 98, Windows XP or Linux etc. (this means that you can use Urdu Script on linux as well, all u need is FireFox) whereas Internet Explorer only works on Windows platform.

UrduBar has been tested on numerous web sites and it works fine on Gmail, Google docs & spreadsheets, Yahoo Email and Hotmail etc. It means that you can send email in Urdu , Arabic or Farsi using these web based email service providers with the help of UrduBar.

Other Links

Latest version of UrduBar addon