How to install “IE UrduBar“ in Internet Explorer


·       Make a folder like c:\IEUrduBar and unzip the contents of

·       You should get following files

o      IEUrduBar.dll, Install.reg and Install_IEUrduBar.bat

·       Double click on (execute) Install_IEUrduBar.bat

o      You will receive following message

§       “DllRegisterServer in IEUrduBar.dll succeeded.”

o      After that you will get following confirmation message.

§       “Are you sure you want to add the information in C:\IEURDU~1\install.reg to the registry?”

§       Click on YES button

o      You will receive following message

§       “Information in C:\IEURDU~1\install.reg has been successfully entered into the registry.”


·       Run (Execute) Internet Explorer

o      Goto View>ToolBars>IE UrduBar (Select IE UrduBar)

·       After Selection of "IE UrduBar" from the menu, the IEUrduBar toolbar will get visible in web browser.


Now you can click on textbox displayed in web browser and select appropriate language from IEUrduBar (like Urdu) and start typing.