Click here to download Classic version of UrduNigar (version 1.1) [using old technology but still useful in some occasions]

I am using Windows XP and Here is the detail of what I did to install Urdu Nigar software. I went to and downloaded the software. I used winzip (or WinRAR) and extracted the file to a folder called urdunigar. 3 following files were extracted

1) Setup.exe
2) Setup.lst
3) UrduNigar.CAB

I once again extracted the files from UrduNigar.CAB using WinZip. Extracted files (around 22 files) were copied to a new folder with the same name as "UrduNigar" located in another place , now I installed the ALKATIB1 font in windows (you can do this by going to Control Panel -> Apearance and Themes -> Fonts, and then drag the ALKATIB1 font in the Fonts Folder).

Click on UrduNigar.exe Type Urdu in Urdu Nigar, Copy the written text by selecting the text and then right click on it and choose copy option from the pop up menu, use paste option in Microsoft Word (or any other software that supports selection/setting the font to ALKATIB1) and select the ALKATIB1 font from the menu. Now Urdu Text can be viewed written in the document.

Note: You can also double click on readme.html and sample1.html files for view of information and to verify if font is installed properly.

Another download link is