Urdu Nigar Rray version - Free Urdu WordProcessor

New Features Include

- Ability to take prints
- Ability to convert to Roman Urdu
- Convert / Make Urdu in Reverse order
- Export to Urdu Nigar Classic
- Easy selection of Urdu Unicode fonts (both Nastalique and Naskh)
- Utility to export Inpage Text To Unicode
- Support of Erab (including Hamza)

In addition to following Previous features

- Implementation of Unicode technology
- Support of both Urdu and English in same text area (simultaneously)
- Multiline text support
- Support of Phonetic Keyboard
- Auto Alignment based on language selected. (Right to Left direction and Left to Right direction)
- Export as image (output in GIF format)
- Spell Check (in Urdu) {checks if an Urdu word is part of dictionary / lexicon or not} Click here to download (installer) Urdu Nigar RRay Preview Version

Another Link (UrduJini) Urdu Nigar RRay Editor

CNET download Link for Urdu Nigar

Urdu Nigar Rray version screenshot

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