Now you can Write / Type Urdu Online on WebPages developed using HTML, PHP , JSP, classical ASP or Dot Net (ASP.NET)

Following are sample Urdu text boxes using JavaScript, the text box has been tested on diferent web browsers and works well on Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer , Apple Safari and Opera web browsers.

A software programmer / developer only needs to add reference to javascript file called urdutextbox.js in their web pages and add ordinary text box using HTML. For details, have a look at source code of this web page to get the understanding of how to enable Urdu in HTML text box.

Urdu Text Box

Urdu Text Area (Type Urdu Here) ->

The Urdu keyboard used to type Urdu in above textboxes is called Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout.

Note: This Urdu TextBox works well on Android based mobile web browsers, not tested on iPhone but should work. You may copy Urdu text from text box and paste it on FaceBook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other website.

September 2014: Updated JavaScript code to add support for Internet Explorer 11

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