Dated: Jan 2009

Updated On: Sept 2013


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Note: If you have been using any of following Urdu OCX/ActiveX and want to upgrade to latest technology then Contact Naseem Amjad at [email protected]


Following is the comparison between UrduTextBox version 1.3 (classic) , UrduTextBox version 1.5 and UrduUnicodeTextBox


UrduTextBox version 1.3 (classic) :


-         Supports ALKATIB1 font (classic) , which is a True Type font (using old technology)

-         Supports single line only

-         Click here to download OLD version (i.e. version 1.3) of UrduTextBox , Only ocx can be downloaded from here.

Tip: Click here to learn about how to register Urdu Ocx file on windows operating system


UrduTextBox version 1.5 :


-         Improved version of Classic Urdu Text Box (i.e. upgraded from [classic] version 1.3)

-         Supports ALKATIB1 font (classic) , which is a True Type font (using old technology)

-         Does not support multiline

-         Supports Urdu text only

-         Supports Aerab

-         Naskh based font

-         Click here to download UrduTextBox version 1.5


You may have a look at English and Urdu based Flash slide show (Presentation) regarding Urdu text. It is also a good example of how to add Urdu Text in Flash.


UrduUnicodeTextBox :


-         Supports any Unicode based font , like  ‘ALKATIB UNICODE’

-         Supports multiline

-         Supports Urdu and English text (simultaneously)

-         Ability to set Urdu or English Numbers while entering text in Urdu

-         Unicode based control (using latest technology)

-         Ability to use Nastaleeq based font (such as Nafees Nastaleeq or Alvi Nastaleeq)

-         Click here to download UrduUnicodeTextBox

Web Based Urdu TextBox

Now Software Engineers or Web Developers can write Urdu in ASP3/ASP.NET, PHP, JSP and other web tools. Click here for more info.

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Note: All software mentioned on this web page are provided “As Is” , Kindly go through the License file packaged in zip files available for download with each Urdu Text Box.