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WorDoc- Word Puzzle Game for mobile phones, helps in children to learn English Words.

Type Urdu Online using keyboard

Mutakallim - An Urdu Genie that can recognize and speak Urdu.

SMS2TV - Also known as "SMS to TV" or "MMS to TV".

Urdu Games Online - Urdu Games that can be played in web browser.

Urdu Phonetic Keyboard - Layout of Keyboard for Urdu

Support FireFox - Recommended web browser for Urdu Bar addon / plugin

Urdu Fonts - Free True Type and Unicode fonts.

Urdu Nigar (Classic) - An old version of Urdu text editor (Free)

Urdu Nigar (Unicode) Rray version - Latest version of Urdu Text Editor (Free)

Urdu Components - Free Urdu Components [for software engineers/developers/programmers]

WorDoc - Download Free game using English Words helps in learning English Language

Information About Pakistan - Increase your knowledge about Pakistan

Naseem Amjad- Software Architect (Consultant)

AJSoft - Software Development House of Pakistan

PhansiGhar2 Urdu Online Game for Kids

Resume / CV of software programmer/developer of Pakistan

Mirror site of Urdu links
IT Company